Performing infill specifically created for synthetic turf. It is used for sport facilities and playgrounds.

Patented shock-pad with both vertical and horizontal excellent drainage.

Suitable flooring for fitness and crossfit gyms with high performance, elasticity and grip.

Suitable flooring for cowshed and boxes with high mechanical strength performance, comfort and safety.

PENTAPLAST: a continuous recycling

The company was born at the end of the 90’s. Thanks to PENTAPLAST the regenerated PVC became a challenging business project looking to the future and conscious of the fact that it can count on solid roots of past experience from Inverplast.

PENTAPLAST’s initial goal was to strengthen the regeneration process of PVC coming from production wastes. In 2004, after a massive investment in research and development, reusing discarded tires finally became possible.

A new revolutionary scenario has begun, focused on the transformation of SBR discarded tires into colored granular, mainly used for the creation of sports fields and recreational structures.


In 2013 new research led the company to add the new performing draining Pentadrain under-rug to its patented range of Pentaplast products.

Pentaplast is proud to be one of those few companies to have products HOMOLOGATED by the National Amateur League of Italy and by FIGC, which allows the company to fulfill projects in partnership with some of the largest firms on national and international scale in the football-sport area.

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