Performing infill

Fun Rubber is a SBR granules from recycled tires. Ennobled, it respects the environmental standards and health of sports users.
Attested by major sports federations.
Specially designed to infill synthetic turf, it is also used in other sports installation and playgrounds.
The product had been tested in laboratory and guarantees high bio-physical and mechanical performances.

Main technical data

Product nature SBR
Colors green, brown, mix (green / brown)
Particle size-analysis From 0,5 to 2,5 mm
Granules shape Prismatic
Apparent specific weight 0,47 Kg/l
Physical/mechanical characteristics Unalterable (more than 15 years)
Solubility in water Insoluble
Elasticity and flexibility Invariable in different climatic conditions
Heavy metals – PAHs Absent
Abrasion resistance Unalterable after 15.000 cycles of LISPORT method
Release test with and without CO2 before and after 18.000 LISPORT cycles. In conformity with the European Regulation DIN 18035-7

Product Types

  • Fun Rubber: performance infill from finishing SBR (LND certified).

  • Eco: Infill performance by finishing SBR for multipurpose fields.

  • Eco 2/4: anti-slip flooring playgrounds.

  • SBR: elastic substrates and athletics tracks.


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